Tradition since 1671

According to documents and oral stories, Matheshof was owned by a family named Spies from 1671 to 1988. The former farm became a Manor in 1954 through the wedding of the Matheshof farmer with the daughter of the Kredler farmer. Four hundred acres of land, a tavern and a riding school with a large riding hall were then the property of the Spies family.

In 1988 the Manor and its lands were sold to the Nuremberg businessman Ernst Werner Schmidt, who added 100 acres of forest, meadows and fields to the Manor, which he bought from a local farmer. Bit by bit, the businessman renovated the Manor Tavern and the Kredler house and built the Waldhotel and the Hans Novak housing area.

The Eastern Bavarian Equestrian and Tournament Centre arose from the facilities, halls and stables. The sports hotel with its large wellness zone and 145 double-rooms is still under construction.