EWS Freizeit- und Tagungszentren GmbH & Co. KG

Time of Arrival:
Time of Arrival is 3 pm or later. Guests who arrive earlier will get their rooms as soon as possible, however, they must understand there is the possibility of a short delay.

Time of Departure:
Time of departure is 11 am. If necessary the guests’ luggage can be checked until departure.

Reservations / Booking:
Room reservations are fixed under these terms and conditions. Reservations can be cancelled or changed by the customer or the hotel up to the cancellation date without cancellation fees.

If rooms are partly or completely cancelled after the cancellation date agreed upon in the reservation, the customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee to the hotel. The cancellation fee will be calculated in consideration of the number of rooms, the duration of stay and the cancellation date:

Cancellation dates for group reservations:

  • up to 6 weeks before arrival – no charge
  • up to 5 weeks before arrival – 25%
  • up to 4 weeks before arrival – 30%
  • up to 3 weeks before arrival – 50%
  • up to 2 weeks before arrival – 80%
  • after that – 100 % of the package price agreed.Cancellations have to be made in written form.

All prices are quoted in the current currency and include VAT taxes and services. The hotel reserves the right to increase the prices if they are subject to tax and duty increases.

Payment of invoices for group reservations:
All invoices have to be paid until eight days after invoice date, latest time. Payment should be made by bank transfer in Euro to the account of the hotel at Raiffeisenbank Unteres Vilstal eG, Bank Transfer Code: 76069611, Account no. 151319.
If the payment is made later than eight days after invoice date, the hotel will be entitled to claim late payment fees of 3 % of the remaining invoice amount. The customer is responsible for paying all costs resulting from collection of the amount due, including lawyer fees.

Payment of invoices for individual guests:
All invoices have to be paid until departure, latest time.
Manual credit card charges are only possible in exceptional cases upon condition of the written agreement of the credit card owner.

Changes regarding time or numbers of rooms, as well as any additional services booked for special circumstances, will be included in the invoice and may increase the final price. As soon as the reservation confirmation has been signed and sent back to the hotel, any changes or additional bookings have to be submitted to the hotel in written form.

Applicable law and court of competent jurisdiction:
This contract is subject to German law and the German language. Any disputes must be settled by the judge, under who’s jurisdiction the hotel falls.